“Jugend forscht” (youth science competition)

News on 18 Feb , 2015

The German youth science competition Jugend Forscht is being held last year for the 50th time. In the course of annual competitions at regional and national level, young people present their research projects and inventions to an expert panel of judges and the general public. A total of 244 girls and boys took part in the first round of the competition in 1965; last year, the number of young researchers was over 12,000. The local events are generally sponsored by major companies who help to organize the competitions in cooperation with the host cities. Teachers, university lecturers and numerous experts from the world of business take part as judges on a volunteer basis.

From the very outset of the regional competition in the Northern Black Forest region, Mr. Hagmann was one of the volunteer judges. After ten years on the panel, he handed the baton over to Dr. Nothdurft, one of our employees. Many of those who have taken part in the regional competition have meanwhile found their way to the youth research centre in Nagold, where they can carry out technical and scientific experiments for themselves, with support and instruction as required. Mr. Hagmann is also active here, expanding and applying possibilities for experimentation in the field of analytical chemistry.