The youth research centre
Schwarzwald-Schönbuch e.V.

News on 14 May , 2015
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Jugendforschungszentrum Schwarzwald-Schönbuch (youth research centre)

The youth research centre Jugendforschungszentrum Schwarzwald-Schönbuch e.V. in Nagold provides schoolchildren and apprentices with the opportunity to carry out technical and scientific experiments for themselves. They are individually supported and instructed by teachers, instructors, students and advanced pupils. This is an important precondition for the success of the experiments and the joy of experimentation.

Mr. Hagmann has supported the youth research centre ever since its inception. His objective is to promote the development of children and young people and casually arouse their enthusiasm for the sciences. He is particularly committed to expanding and applying possibilities for experimentation in the field of analytical chemistry. (youth research centre)<