particles on filter membrane metal chip

  • Residual dirt testing of components to VDA 19 / ISO 16232 and in accordance with DBL 6516/6516, PV 3347, etc., and customer specifications. In addition to gravimetric evaluation, we also offer counting of particles by size classes using a Jomesa optical microscope, which allows distinction between metallic and non-metallic particles. On request, we can also perform decay measurements.

  • Identification of the largest particles by means of SEM-EDX and FT-IR microscopy
  • Gravimetric determination of organic residues containing films, e.g. to ASTM G93; on request: identification and quantification by means of FT-IR and GC-MS/GC-FID
  • Determination of residual quantities of flux in aluminium-based heat exchangers.

Jomesa optical microscopeJomesa Lichtmikroskop